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Colorado Springs Hypnosis Ltd.
5585 Erindale Dr. 202
Colorado SpringsCO 80918
 (719) 900-1112
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Whether you would like to stop smoking, lose weight, or get rid of another bad habit, we can help you accomplish your goals.
(719) 900-1112
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Hypnotherapy Service Colorado Springs, CO

We at Colorado Springs Hypnosis Ltd., located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are a hypnosis facility specializing in helping you to stop smoking, lose weight, stop a bad habit, and assist in pain management. We teach techniques that clients can use and empower themselves. We know how hard smoking and negative emotions are to get rid of, and we want to make sure that you do not need to keep coming back. We are your fantastic tool for making positive changes in your life, and we want to help you to accomplish this. Our team also offers astrological consultations to help you understand yourself, your relationships, and your environment. Call us today for more information!

You Can Quit

Our hypnosis facility specializes in helping patients quit smoking and more. We help clients who deal with other addictions such as bad habits, overeating, alcoholism, and the like. With hypnosis therapy, we can teach you the techniques you'll need to empower yourself to establish better habits.

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To make an appointment with us, please call (719) 900-1112 today. The choice between another expensive pack of cigarettes and your long-term health is yours. We are at 5585 Erindale Dr. in Colorado Springs, CO, and ready to help.


We have an excellent smoking cessation program. You will have no cravings, no withdrawal and we guarantee this for life. If you ever have a craving or start smoking again, you can make another appointment and we will get you back on track at no additional cost to you. For more information about our smoking cessation program click below or make an appointment.



Hypnosis is a wonderful way to learn how to change habits. Our minds are like computers, and when we do something enough, it writes a program to automate that task. Most of these programs are good and help us get through life without having to think to much about it. Some of these programs include, tie your shoes, drive a car, open a door. Some of these habits are less helpful such as nail biting, binge eating, or putting off chores. If you are interested in changing or quitting a habit, click on more information or book an appointment.


Stress and/or anxiety are brought on by our fight or flight response. It can still be useful in some situations, however our lives are seldom in danger when preparing for a presentation, a test or going to a crowded place. We can not only help you ease the stress and anxiety or specific situations, but we will teach you techniques that you can use for future events that you may find stressful. Whether you experience anxiety or stress during several events during your daily routine, or you have one specific activity that really stresses you out, we can help you move on from those feelings and become happier and more productive.



Pain is an interesting topic because although you may be experiencing pain in a joint or muscle, it comes from your brain. When you hurt yourself, a signal goes from that spot to your brain, your brain then signals with pain. This is actually a very useful program, because it prevents us from further injuring that area. Sometimes after the injury has healed the pain will continue. And sometimes, pain will manifest with other issues such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. We have several techniques to help you control or completely extinguish your pain. We do recommend you consult your physician or even ask them for a referral to ensure that you will not do any additional harm if your pain goes away.


Would you like to be better at taking tests? Improve your golf swing? Speak in front of people with confidence? You can. Perhaps you have a mentor or hero you would like to emulate or maybe you just want to get to that more skilled you faster. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for zeroing in on that better, faster, stronger and smarter you and pulling it into now. Click below to see how you expedite your learning and your skill sets.



Fears and phobias are are a learned response that our mind solidifies after our “fight or flight” system is triggered. After that initial event, we continue to have that same response as it is programed into our mind. Luckily hypnosis is an amazing tool for unlearning this response. Although you could spend a lot of time handing spiders or snakes or hugging clowns until your subconscious finally learns they won’t necessarily hurt you, it is much easier and more pleasant to go into a trance and let those fears disintegrate.


Would you like to relax? I mean REALLY relax. There are so many ways that people can pamper themselves these days. And I don’t blame them. With hypnosis you can experience DEEP MENTAL relaxation. In a trance, you can take a vacation, explore a dream, or just go so deep… that nothing could ever bother you. Contact us today to experience relaxation like you never have before.



Astrology is the art and science of comparing the movement and positions of the sun, moon, and planets to entities and events here on Earth. Astrologers 'cast' or fill in astrology charts, and through the interpretation of symbols and mathematical angles, we can gain an understanding of the nature of the things we are assessing. Contact us today to learn more about this service.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that calms stress and anxiety to promote healing. Rei means universal and Ki means life energy. Considered a spiritual practice, it's non-religious and has practitioners from all faiths. If you're searching for a way to promote health in your life, Reiki could be great for you.


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